WIAW: The night dinner was thrown out.

There are some days when I amaze myself with my culinary skills. 

And then there are those other days. 

The days when dinner looks like …


… cat food. Annoyed

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.  Let’s start with breakfast, shall we?



So recently, I have started drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning … before I even head downstairs for breakfast.  My realtor was actually the one who turned me on to the idea.  She says it’s helped her digestion throughout the day.  I don’t know if there’s scientific evidence to back this theory up, but I’ve been enjoying it, so I’m going with it. Winking smile


At the hotel buffet, I enjoyed half a Belgian waffle (covered with peanut butter and sugar-free syrup), Canadian bacon, and some mix of sausage, peppers, and potatoes.  I also had pineapple on the side.



I am loving this Greek yogurt that comes with it’s own little packet of granola.  Delicious!



Peanut butter and banana on a whole-wheat sandwich thin, with sliced apples and cinnamon on the side. 

Guess where I got the cinnamon idea?  That would be my realtor again (I’m starting to wonder if she’s my realtor or my nutritionist … Thinking smile).  She said that putting cinnamon on the apple actually keeps it from browning … plus it’s just super tasty! 



Strawberries were on sale last week at Publix.  Score!


This “energy” mix was also on sale.  It includes dried cranberries, dried raisins, dried apples, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and soy nuts.  Just a palm-full of this stuff keeps me full for quite a while!


OK, so this is where the day went bad.

I found this recipe on a blog (I won’t say what blog haha!) for slow-cooker pineapple chicken.  The recipe called for chicken, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, red pepper flakes, and pineapple.  Everything went in the slow cooker, and the shredded chicken was served on top of brown rice.


The end result?

Not only was it the ugliest dish I’ve ever made, but it tasted 100% like soy sauce.  Just soy sauce.  Nothing else … but soy sauce.  Bleck.

So if you read the blog on Monday, you know what we did to make up for the nasty dinner …


… Coldstone, baby! Thumbs up

I got my favorite: cake batter ice cream with brownie and cake pieces.  Yum! Smile

Disgusting dinner, forgotten.  Mission accomplished.


In other news …

So my mom recently discovered this cool website called SendOutCards.  She thought it was so cool that she wanted to share with me … and then I thought it was such a neat idea, that I wanted to share with all of you! Thumbs up

Basically with this website, you can personalize cards that then get sent in the mail to friends, family, business colleagues, etc.  You can add photos to the cards, include gifts (like Starbucks gift cards!), and choose from a wide variety of different types of cards.

All of this is done online, so it’s super fast and convenient.  But the cards themselves aren’t just “e-cards” … they are real cards that are sent in the mail!  And the coolest part?  They cost less than $1 a piece … and that includes postage!

send out cards logo

If you want to check out the cards, you can visit my mom’s site at: www.SendOutCards.com/jpetters.  You can even send out one free card, just to see what it’s like!

Disclaimer: If you decide you like the idea and you order cards through my mom’s site, then she gets some small percent of the profit.  But I’m not sharing this idea for her to make money … I just really think it’s a cool idea! Smile

Question for ya …

Tell me something delicious that you’ve eaten this week!

What do you do when a meal doesn’t turn out as you had hoped?

OK fess up … who watched the season finale of The Bachelor?  Thoughts?

I have to agree with Kelly Rippa who said it best when she said that the runner-up was the “luckiest girl in the world!” Winking smile

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29 Responses to WIAW: The night dinner was thrown out.

  1. Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count

    I’ve heard before that the hot water and lemon is good for you. I should try it. I think your food looks very tasty!
    Fran@ Broken Cookies Don’t Count recently posted..WIAW~It’s All Green To MeMy Profile

  2. Turtle-speed Runner

    Haha. Sorry that your dinner didn’t turn out. Funny where you can get nutrition tips from… even if they aren’t scientifically backed up, so long as it’s not harming your body, it never hurts to try! :)
    Turtle-speed Runner recently posted..WIAW: Supergreen + day from hell…My Profile

  3. Kat

    That is a really cool idea!! Im all for sending out cards, but I typically always forget! This site sounds really awesome though :)
    and Ive heard about the lemon water before. Im not sure if there really is evidence, but I DO know that lemon is really good for you, and so is water, so I say its beneficial ;)
    Kat recently posted..Chocolate Cranberry Sweet Potato BlondiesMy Profile

  4. Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries

    i’m sorry to hear your dinner didn’t turn out well! fortunately ice cream seems to cure anything. ;)
    strawberries were on sale at our grocery store yesterday too! i’m so excited that berries are back in season.
    i watched the season finale of the bachelor… totally have to agree with kelly rippa! like you said, she said it well! :)
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} #25: San Antonio RecapMy Profile

  5. Theresa

    awww haha, there have definitely been times that i’ve failed with dinners…they havent been completely inedible so i’ve usually just eaten it anyways…but i like the coldstone remedy at the end, that is KEY ;)
    Theresa recently posted..A love affair with sweet potatoesMy Profile

  6. DeBlasio

    Can’t go wrong with ColdStone :o ) Our Youth Group also used to put peanut butter and syrup on waffle etc. I used to think it was gross I actually didn’t know what I was missing! Brooklyn asks me every morning for the “Petters Peanut Butter /Banana on wheat special!!” She asked me who you were from your blog I told her Petters lol That is her staple breakfast now :) Not only do you influence big kids :) But little ones as well!!

    • notsodomesticated

      Haha I love it!!! I’m glad she’s eating a healthy breakfast, and not what I used to eat at her age … S’more Pop-Tarts! Haha! ;)

  7. Alexandra

    Mmmm your lunch and that energy trail mix look SO good!! Not to mention coldstone, you just can’t go wrong with it heehee ;)
    Alexandra recently posted..le Gym and le KitchenMy Profile

  8. tricia

    Super cool idea!

  9. amy @ fearless homemaker

    sorry that your dinner wasn’t such a hit – it happens to the best of us! =) + good choice to make up for it with Coldstone!
    amy @ fearless homemaker recently posted..malted chocolate sandwich cookiesMy Profile

  10. Katie @ Katie Without Restrictions

    Last night I made some twice-baked sweet potatoes, and a beef and mushroom dish that I just kind of threw together and turned out ah-mazing. Love when that happens!! Plus roasted asparagus, it was definitely the foodie highlight of my week.

    When I have a dinner catastrophe, I usually try to play it off to my husband like I totally intended for it to be that way… Then I’ll casually fess up that it’s maybe not so great, and it was a new recipe, blah blah blah. It’s a whole thing. ;)
    Katie @ Katie Without Restrictions recently posted..Beating Self-DefeatMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      My poor husband tried to act like he liked it, but when I turned around, he made a face hahaha! ;)

  11. Carrie @ Lift Eat Repeat

    I agree with Kelly- who would want to be in that mess that Ben and Courtney are in. Ben would have been better off choosing no one!

    Did you know Cold Stone just came out with their own yogurt? I wanna try it!
    Carrie @ Lift Eat Repeat recently posted..Healthy Swaps & RecipeMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      I did hear that about the Cold Stone yogurt! I actually saw it last weekend, but I wanted cake batter flavor, and they didn’t have the yogurt in that flavor.

  12. Cinnamon @ eatpraytri

    Cinnamon is so good for soo many things!! hehe
    I will take cold stone any day over dinner!
    That card website looks awesome! I am totally going to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion :)
    Cinnamon @ eatpraytri recently posted..Vegas rewindMy Profile

  13. Jentry Nielsen

    That is the coolest idea about that website! I love it! My dad’s birthday is coming up, I’ll have to try it out! :) Thanks for sharing!
    I’ve heard that too about the water and lemon though, although I’ve never tried it! I should start! Do you like it, have you seen any changes?
    Jentry Nielsen recently posted..Teach Me Thursday: Crossover CrunchMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      I have liked it. I have found that my stomach doesn’t get upset during the day like it sometimes does. I seem to have some type of food intolerances, and the lemon water seems to be helping keep my stomach “calm” during the day. :)

  14. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I’ve been researching “natural” dog foods to make for Popcorn lately (don’t ask), and the pictures honestly look just like your dinner. I’m sorry, but you said it first!! :D

    Anyway, it sounds like you’re making out on the Cold Stone front! Maybe I should start making blah dinners on purpose… ;)
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Got m&ms?My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Hahaha thanks, Brittany. Thanks a lot. ;)

  15. Gretchen

    I’ve been trying the water with lemon…but not hot. I’ll have do that! It is pretty tasty.
    Ice cream always makes up for ruined dinner, doesn’t it? :)
    Gretchen recently posted..Spring Forward?My Profile

  16. Baking Serendipity

    That card site is cool! I always hate sending actual paper cards in the mail because they’re so expensive. Under $1 I can definitely swing :) And, ice cream is our go-to when dinner disasters strike too. It definitely makes mess ups easy to forget.
    Baking Serendipity recently posted..spring days (out of the kitchen)My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Cards have gotten SO expensive! I just think it’s crazy to spend $4-5 on something somebody is just going to throw out. I know it’s the thought that counts, but that’s an expensive thought! ;) $1 is much more reasonable!!

  17. Corinne

    I’m making slow cooker chicken curry right now and I have a bad feeling it is not going to pass the fiance test. I keep trying it and it just does NOT taste like curry. oh dear…but reading your post makes me feel better that it happens to the best of us :)
    Corinne recently posted..What’s in the Fridge? DinnerMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Haha it most definitely does happen to the best of us. It’s just such a bummer when it does happen. I hate wasting food!

  18. natalie @ southern fit foodie

    I drink hot water with Meyer lemons almost every morning! I love it! It definitely doesn’t stain my teeth like coffee does.

    I have thrown out a dinner before too – I called it pasta and glue because my bechamel sauce just wouldn’t thin out no matter what I tried. It was awful – like eating paste.

    I’m definitely going to check out that card site – thank you!
    natalie @ southern fit foodie recently posted..Spring Garden & Spaghetti SquashMy Profile

  19. Krystal

    I’m new here :) I’m going to try the lemon and water in the morn. I grandma told me about that years ago but I never tried it. I always have digestion issues.

    Have a good day!!

    • notsodomesticated

      Hi Krystal! I hope the lemon water works for you. It’s probably not a miracle cure, but hopefully you’ll see some difference!! :)

  20. DeDe

    We totally use Send Out cards all the time! My husband is in a networking group in Sarasota and there is a guy who promotes these cards. We use them all the time for people’s birthdays, thank you cards, and as a way for him to stay connected with customers. I love that you can add pictures too!

    • notsodomesticated

      That’s awesome! I just started using them, and I love them! They’re so easy and inexpensive!

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