Whatcha Reading Weekend #4

Well it’s the weekend again!  And for me, it’s a three day weekend! Thumbs up  I had Friday off, so I spent the day getting my hair done, going to the gym, and baking cookies for Brandon’s birthday! 

That’s right, it was my hubby’s birthday yesterday!

engagement pic 7

Happy Birthday to Brandon!!! Smile Smile Smile

I’ll share more about the celebrations next week, including his mom’s oatmeal cookie recipe! Winking smile

For now, let’s talk about some of the other fun posts that I’ve been loving this week!

  • Tina at Carrots ‘N’ Cake posted about her phone interview with Giada DeLaurentiis.  I love Giada and her food, so I was very curious about Tina’s interview!
  • Lindsey at Gingerbread Bagels posted a delicious looking recipe for Mini Toblerone Cheesecakes.  I love how Lindsey always adds candy to her desserts.  Sugar + more sugar = genius in my book. Winking smile
  • Kat at Keep’n The Faith posted about the struggle to remain in control around Halloween candy!  I think many of us can relate to this issue!!  For me, the less variety that I have around, the better.  I’m a lot more likely to stop after 1 or 2 pieces when I just have one type of candy around.  But if it’s a variety bag … watch out!
  • Janelle at Running is Magical wrote about her half marathon experience.  I love her post because she was so honest!  It wasn’t exactly the easiest of runs for her, but she pushed through to finish the race, and that’s what counts!


Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Brandon and I are tackling 11 miles today.  Wish us luck!!


Question for ya …

Whatcha up to this weekend?

What have you been reading this week?

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17 Responses to Whatcha Reading Weekend #4

  1. Tina

    Thanks for the link love! :)
    Tina recently posted..Don’t Be Jealous of My Friday NightMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Anytime, Tina! I love your blog! :)

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Happy birthday Brandon! :)
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Popcorn x2My Profile

  3. Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels

    Aww thanks for mentioning my cheesecakes! :) Happy birthday to Brandon!
    Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels recently posted..Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin BrowniesMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Of course! I LOVE all of your recipes!! :)

  4. Kiah

    Happy Bday to the hubby! I tackled my first 11 miler a week ago, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I consciously started off slow, and by the end felt pretty strong. According to my husband (who was a runner) we often pick up the pace the longer we run. Who would of thunk it?
    Kiah recently posted..how it came to be, part fourMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      That’s definitely what happened to me today! I started out slow and my shins/calves were hurting. But by the end, I was able to pick up the pace pretty well! :) Yay!

  5. Kat

    thx for the shoutout!! :)
    I hope your hubs has a fab birthday weekend. Im sure you will make it great for him :)
    Kat recently posted..Fighting against the bingeMy Profile

  6. Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups

    Happy birthday to your hubby! I saw that you’re a Gator!! Me too. :)

    • notsodomesticated

      Go Gators!! I’m watching the game right now … but it’s not going very well at the moment haha!

  7. Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health

    Aw happy birthday to Brandon!! Hope your run today went well :) . I’m doing to check out those toblerone cheesecakes right now!
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..Pumpkin Black Bean Turkey ChiliMy Profile

  8. Amelia @ princessandthefrosting

    I just found your blog! Cutest picture of you and your hubby, happy birthday to him! And thanks for the links, I checked them all out :)
    Amelia @ princessandthefrosting recently posted..Butternut Coconut CurryMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Aww thanks, Amelia!!

    • notsodomesticated

      Just looked at your blog and it’s really cute!! But I can’t comment. Blogspot doesn’t always like wordpress blogs haha. There should be a way where you can make it so that more people can comment. If you have Name/URL as an option, I can usually comment that way.

      Just FYI so that hopefully you can get more people commenting! Have a great day!! :)

  9. Amelia @ princessandthefrosting

    Oooooh dear! I think I fixed it now! Thank you so much for letting me know! :) I feel so technologically savvy now that I figured out how to change it!
    Amelia @ princessandthefrosting recently posted..Butternut Coconut CurryMy Profile

  10. Janelle

    Oh my GOSH! I just got around to my fav blogs and saw this. I am so flattered and excited that you put me in there. Thank you so much, glad you found it to be worth sharing :)
    Janelle recently posted..RECAP: Long Beach Half MarathonMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      You are so welcome!! :)

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