Sweaty Band Giveaway!!

Yesterday I told you all about the 10k that Brandon and I ran this past weekend.

I also told you about the awesome running-expo they had the night before the race!

The booth that immediately caught my eye was the “Sweaty Band” booth.  Not only did they have a huge display of their product, but they also had fun music blasting to help attract a crowd!


I have been in desperate need of a new headband for running, since the only ones I ever use are my boring black ones from Target.


But here’s the problem … usually the cute headbands don’t work in my hair.  I have very fine hair, but there’s a lot of it.  And most headbands won’t hold my mop in place.

So imagine how stoked I was when I tried on one of the Sweaty Bands, and it actually stayed in place!! Thumbs up

I ended up choosing this one for myself:


But when I told the girls working the booth that I was a blogger, they very generously allowed me to pick out another band free of charge! Smile


And since I am the coolest, nicest blogger in the world (this is where you nod your head up and down), I am going to give my other Sweaty Band to one of YOU!!


It’s brand new, never been used (because that would be gross), and comes in a cute bag with one of the Sweaty Band business cards.


So what do you need to do to enter this awesome contest??

It’s easy!

1. If you haven’t already, like me on Facebook! (optional)

2. Leave a comment on this post, saying why you want to win the Sweaty Band. (required)

Before work on Thursday (i.e., at 5:30 am Winking smile), I will randomly select one commenter to be the winner of the Sweaty Band.  So make sure you come back Thursday to see if you’ve won!!!



Good luck everyone!!!! Open-mouthed smile

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35 Responses to Sweaty Band Giveaway!!

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I love this giveaway! Liked you on Facebook :)
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Come On In, Okra!My Profile

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I would love this cute band to wear whenever I run outside! My hair is a wild beast sometimes that needs all the taming it can get!
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Come On In, Okra!My Profile

  3. Amy

    I would love to win this band because it will help keep my hair horns in place when I run :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Amy D

    Because that headband matches Brooklyns outfit!! Serously :) And me as a walker not runner if I wore that it could be like the magic hat lol and give me that inspiration to run like the wind haha! Hey you never know- right!

  5. Alexandra

    Awesome! I’d prolly use it to tame my beastly hair,I swear it turns into an animal when I work out haha ;)
    Alexandra recently posted..WIDOAW!My Profile

  6. Jan

    Cute sweaty bands. Are they sold in stores?

  7. Lori

    I would LOVE these because I’ve got some unruly, curly hair that won’t stay down when I’m running! With no band in my hair, I look pretty nuts when I cross that finish line!

  8. Taylor @ Crumbs Don't Count

    Those are cute! I wish I would have thought to invent something so simple like cute little headbands for runners…or maybe beanie babies! My hair is so thick that I always have to use a million pins to hold it all back…a band would be a nice change!
    Taylor @ Crumbs Don’t Count recently posted..Operation Burger and ArcheryMy Profile

  9. Theresa

    These are cute!!

    i’m always looking for new headbands that can keep place on my head, its been an ongoing quest, maybe these would be the just the thing i was looking for. i might buy one even if i dont win! :)
    Theresa recently posted..I never claimed to be HerculesMy Profile

  10. Kat

    awesome giveaway girl!!
    I want to win one cause when I do yoga mine falls everywhere!! I have stringy thin hair, so its almost impossible to keep the baby hairs in place. I usually wet my hair to smooth it back before yoga, how pathetic is that? lol
    Kat recently posted..WIAW & a recipeMy Profile

  11. Kat

    I liked you :)
    Kat recently posted..WIAW & a recipeMy Profile

  12. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

    pretty! i’ve been looking for something like this that will actually stay in my hair and not slip out!
    Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted..Guest Post: Elimination Diet Banana BreatMy Profile

  13. Rachel W

    I have a few bands but they are way boring and these are super cool!

  14. Sara L

    I would love a sweaty band because they are way cuter than the bobby pins I normally use!

  15. Lyndsie @ highcottonlivin

    Great giveaway! I have been using the boring ones from Target too and they don’t my hair in place either. I have super fine hair like you.

    Thanks for sharing! :)
    Lyndsie @ highcottonlivin recently posted..WIAW and Snack DrawersMy Profile

  16. Lyndsie @ highcottonlivin

    I just liked you on Facebook! :)
    Lyndsie @ highcottonlivin recently posted..WIAW and Snack DrawersMy Profile

  17. Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me

    ooo so exciting! Thanks!
    Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me recently posted..Weekend RitualsMy Profile

  18. Lindsay@ In Sweetness and In Health

    I already like you on facebook :D
    Lindsay@ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..New Strength Training PlanMy Profile

  19. Lindsay@ In Sweetness and In Health

    I want to win one because I need to find something that doesn’t slip off my head when I workout!! And they are super cute :)
    Lindsay@ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..New Strength Training PlanMy Profile

  20. Erin

    I’d love to win the sweaty band because it’s cute and I always love a new hair band for working out :) . Thanks for being the best blogger ever ;)

  21. Sarah

    I want to win this because it would work waaaay better than the clips that I have been using!! And its super cute :)

  22. Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights


    I want to win this because I have bangs and they become a wet mop when I workout. It’s extremely tragic. I’ve tried everything, but nothing works that well! This would be perf!

    Happy Wednesday! XOXO
    Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights recently posted..What I’m Loving WednesdayMy Profile

  23. Amanda

    I NEED a sweaty band to keep my hair out of my face so I can see all the cute jogger boys who run my route ;)
    Amanda recently posted..A good day…My Profile

  24. Pamela

    I’d love to win a sweaty band, because 1)I have a lot of hair, with some bangs, and it is so hard to keep them out of my face when I run. By the time I’m finished the hair has fallen from my hair clips. 2) I don’t have a sweaty band store near-by 3) My husband is a medical student and can’t afford to buy me one :0) 4) It would motivate me to run if I had the super cool accessory to wear and inspire me.. and think of you running your 10k! :0)

  25. Sam

    yay for cute headbands!! just liked you on fb :)
    Sam recently posted..Herbes de Provence chickenMy Profile

  26. Liz

    I just started reading your blog and I thought I liked it before, but now I love it! I have a ton of long hair that I need to keep pulled back and no headband ever does the trick! I work out for a good 2+ hours a day (athlete), so I NEEEEEEED something to help my hair :) Plus, it’s cute and girly, which is always a plus!

  27. janae jacobs

    Girl, you are SO beautiful! I want to win because I would wear it all day every day. I hate having hair in my face!
    janae jacobs recently posted..WORKOUT CLOTHES GIVEAWAYMy Profile

  28. e@thisnotedlife

    great giveaway!! I have been dying to try these because i have an unusually small head so pretty much every headband i try pops right off .. haha ahh *hangslittleheadinshame*

  29. melissa

    Id like the sweaty band bc they are cute an i dont get a chance to often to make my hair look nice anymore with having a 1 yr old an currently being pregnant i just dont get the chance too often. Plus it would hold back these horns of hair that somehow broke off an stick out now all the time.

  30. Scott Bland

    This band would really help with my hair!

    • notsodomesticated

      Oh, Scott. What am I going to do with you?? ;)

  31. Jordan

    ahhh so exciting!! i would LOVE one because i’m beginning training for my half marathon in sarasota soon!
    Jordan recently posted..This Time AroundMy Profile

  32. Lindsay

    OMG I love this sweaty band!! Like you, i have such thick hair and can NEVER EVER find something to stay in my hair. I hope I can win :)
    Lindsay recently posted..Giveaways!My Profile

  33. Hannah

    I got for Christmas but I only have one I want another

  34. magdalena glina

    I would love a sweaty band! I also was at an expo where they had these head bands and I really regret not buying one! they sound awesome :)

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