An early Christmas celebration

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Happy December, everyone! Smile

Well, we’re finally back in Georgia.  We had a great week in Florida with our family.

Here’s just a little recap of our week …

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, we packed up the car and hit the road.


Addie did a great job.  We only had to make one stop, and we arrived at my mom’s house in Sarasota in under 8 hours.  Whoo-hoo!


Sleeping beauty. Winking smile

On Monday, Brandon and I left Addie with my mom and we took a quick trip to the beach.


I had originally wanted to take Addie with us, but we decided it was too windy for her on that particular day.  Hopefully we can try again on the next trip!

On Tuesday, we met up with Addie’s cousins for a visit to Santa.


On Wednesday morning, Brandon went golfing while us girls hung out around the house.


Thursday, of course, was Thanksgiving!

My mom, Brandon, and I feasted on plenty of Thanksgiving treats (more details on the food later this week!) …


… while Addie tried to sneak a peek at a few gifts. Winking smile


On Friday, Brandon went golfing with his brother again.  In the meantime, Addie and I visited with a couple of my friends from grad school and their kiddos.  That evening, Brandon and I had a date night while GiGi put Addie down for the night.

Then on Saturday, we celebrated Christmas a little early. Smile


Since we won’t be with Brandon’s brother and his family on Christmas, we decided to make November 30th Christmas instead!


Addie had a great time opening gifts with her cousins.



Mostly she just wanted to eat the paper.  No surprise there.


And as always, I had to be the bad guy who fished the paper out of her mouth!


Goofy girl!

Addie really made out like a bandit.  She got some new clothes, books, and toys.


Probably the coolest gift was a drum set, which included several other instruments: jingle bells, a tambourine, a clacker, and maracas. 


It should have also come with a bottle of Advil. Smile with tongue out  Thanks in advance for the headaches, Christi and Matt!

(I kid, I kid!)

On Sunday, we packed up the car again and headed home.


This time, the drive was a bit more challenging, due to some holiday traffic.  But after almost 9 hours, we arrived home, safe and sound!

And that was our holiday week!  I hope everyone else had a great holiday, as well! Smile

Question for ya …

What did you do over the weekend?

Anyone else travel for the holiday?  Where did you go?

Would you rather be in warm weather or cold weather for the holidays?

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Posted on by notsodomesticated Posted in Baby, Family, Travel | 14 Comments