Addison Grace: 8 months old

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As hard as it is to believe, we’re here again.

8 months-2000

Eight months old. 

Time, please slow down!

It’s been another month filled with fun and new learning experiences for Addie.  So let’s talk about what she’s been up to!


- This area is interesting for Addie.  Last month, she started babbling more.  Then it decreased again.  She still babbles occasionally, but she mostly laughs, screams with happiness, grunts (she sounds like a caveman!), and moves her mouth like she’s talking but doesn’t make any sound.

- She definitely knows her name … she’ll turn when you say it and smile at you.  I think she also understands “no,” but she has already learned to ignore mommy when that particular word is used! Winking smile

Motor Skills

- As I’ve already mentioned, Addie started pulling up right at 7 months.  So for the past several weeks, she has been pulling up on anything and everything!  Kitchen cabinets, the window sill, boxes, the bathtub … whatever is in reach!


- She tries to stand up independently, but she definitely isn’t there yet.  She’s also starting to cruise the furniture, but she’s very much in the early stages for that milestone!

- She is crawling up the stairs!

This just started on Friday, and it is so adorable.  When we get to the top, I clap and cheer and she gets the biggest grin on her face!


- Still no teeth in sight!

- She is still spitting up, but I’ve noticed a decrease in the frequency.  Fingers crossed that it continues to improve!

- She is still sleeping 11.5-12 straight hours at night and napping twice a day.  The naps are very hit or miss.  Some days, she’ll nap for around 3 hours (total).  Other days may be 2 hours or less!


- Addie typically eats around 24 oz. of formula a day.  It’s always been a struggle to get her to eat enough formula, and it’s become a bigger struggle recently.

- That being said, she loves solids!  We typically do 3 solid meals a day.  I do some purees and some chunkier foods/finger foods.  Some is homemade and some is not.

- Finger foods have included: peas, rice puffs, Cheerios (she LOVES Cheerios!), avocado, sweet potato, peaches, blueberries, and cheese.  We also tried an egg yolk but she got a little rash after eating it, so we haven’t tried any more since!


- She had her first “green smoothie!”  It included blueberries, peaches, banana, yogurt, spinach, and a little formula.  She loved it!

- She gets constipated easily, so we have to give her prunes several times a week.

Addie’s favorite things

- She loves spinning in our office chair.


- She loves when I clap my hands or her hands together.

- She continues to be obsessed with the iPad.  Like, obsessed.  It’s a constant challenge to keep it away from her!  She also loves crawling over to our entertainment center to see what buttons she can press.


- She’s become more cuddly recently.  She will lay her head on my chest when she starts to get tired, and it makes me melt every time!

- She loves the drum set her aunt and uncle bought her for Christmas!  She’ll even “dance” when daddy plays a song for her!


- She will reach out to indicate she wants to be picked up.

- She loves “high fives,” especially from daddy.  They have a little game they do, and she is all smiles every time!

- Now that she’s napping less, we’ve been going out a lot more.  We’ll go to the grocery store, the mall, on walks … whatever.  I think she really enjoys being out and seeing new things! 


- Bath time is now happening in the “big tub,” rather than her whale tub.


At first, she was wanting to stand up in the tub the whole time, which obviously wasn’t safe.  But I bought her these foam numbers and letters to play with, and now she’ll happily splash around for several minutes!

And that’s Addie at 8 months!  She brings us so much joy every day.  She is such a happy, funny, goofy, curious, determined little girl.  I can’t wait to see what she does next! Smile

Question for ya …

If you have kiddos, what new things are they up to right now?

What did you do this weekend?

We had cold, rainy weather on Saturday so we did a whole lot of nothing!

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Posted on by notsodomesticated Posted in Baby | 17 Comments