Addison Grace: 9 Months Old

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Well, hi there! Smile

I’ve missed you guys!!  Hope everyone is doing well.  Although I can’t say that I regret stepping away from the blog, I do miss all of my blogger buddies!

But that being said, I just had to write a post today because my baby girl is now 9 MONTHS OLD!


(Yes, we were nutso enough to do our photo shoot on the stairs.  But it just seemed appropriate since she spends so much time there these days!  Don’t worry … Brandon took the pictures while I stayed close by in case she fell!)

015 (2)-2000

It blows my mind that in 3 short months, we’ll be celebrating her 1st birthday.  Craziness.


This month has been another great one. 


We enjoyed a quiet Christmas at home …


… followed by a great New Years with Brandon’s parents. 


They drove down from Ohio to visit, and Addie had a ball with them!

So what has Addie been up to this month?


- Addie is now waving “bye-bye” and blowing kisses.  She doesn’t always do it when you want her to, but when she does do it, it’s the cutest thing in the world!  Sometimes she’ll wave to daddy while I’m carrying her up the stairs to feed her or change her diaper and it makes us both smile. Smile


- She has started imitating certain sounds we make.  So funny!

- I swear she has said “momma” with meaning a couple of times now, because she was gesturing that she wanted me to pick her up while she said it.  But the articles I’ve read say that she’s a little too young to associate sounds with meanings, so maybe I’m wrong??  Either way, it melts my heart!


- When I sing certain songs (especially the “ABC’s”), Addie starts “singing” along.  Really she’s just making random noises, but “A” for effort, right? Winking smile

Motor Skills

- Addie is now cruising the furniture like a champ.  She’s more comfortable cruising our office furniture than our living room furniture because it’s lower to the ground, but she’ll also cruise the living room couches when she really wants something (e.g., my phone).  She’s also good at transferring from one item of furniture to the other.  For example, she may be standing by the couch and then move to the coffee table (while holding on to something at all times).

- Her Nana and Papa bought her a walker for Christmas, and she’s getting more and more comfortable using it!

- She can stand up completely by herself for a second or two.  Then she realizes what’s happening and falls down!  It’s all about confidence, and she doesn’t have it quite yet!

- She now “dances” to music, and it’s the cutest thing ever.  Sometimes when she’s in the middle of walking with her walker, she’ll just pause to get her boogey on (see the video above for an example of this).  Hilarious!


- Addie cut her first tooth! 


(Look closely … it’s there!)

Early in her 8th month, she went through a bit of a “hunger strike,” where she was refusing her bottle and eating significantly less.  She wasn’t showing clear signs of teething, so we initially thought the issue was constipation.  But eventually the tooth poked through and we realized what the problem had been!

Other than eating less formula, she did pretty well cutting her first tooth.  She was a little fussier and was very lovey/clingy with me, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected.  Fingers crossed that she does as well with the rest of her teeth! Winking smile

- Spitting up has continued to decrease.  She’ll still have an occasional spit up, but they are few and far between.  I am so relieved that we’re almost out of that stage!


- Like I said before, Addie went on a small hunger strike earlier in the month.  For a few days, she was only eating 16-20 ounces a day.  But once her tooth broke through, she started eating better again.  She typically eats anywhere from 22-26 ounces a day now.

- She continues to love solids.  She especially loves finger foods, I think because she enjoys being “independent” and feeding herself.  New foods have included chicken (baked and then blended in the food processor with some pears), pieces of pasta (coated with just a little extra-virgin olive oil), small pieces of a toasted bagel, brown rice, and raspberries.

Addie’s favorite things

- She loves playing “hide & seek.”  We usually play in our bedroom.  I’ll “hide” on one side of the bed, and she’ll crawl over to find me.  She thinks it’s hilarious and can be entertained for quite a while playing this game.

- Addie is our little daredevil.  She loves being held upside down, being thrown onto the bed or couch, and being “chased” around the room.


- She has discovered that if she hits the blue button on the DVR player, it turns the TV on and off.  So that is one of her new favorite games!

- She seems to be going through a “mommy” phase. 


She wants me to feed her, hold her, etc.  She wants to make sure she can see me at all times.  She loves daddy (and thinks he’s hilarious), but for a couple of weeks, she was showing a clear preference for me.  I think part of it may have been due to her teething.  Don’t most of us want our mommies when we aren’t feeling well?  Although it probably hurt Brandon’s feelings a bit, I reminded him that she will likely go through a “daddy” phase at some point.  And then I will probably cry. Smile with tongue out

And that’s Addie at 9 months!

Question for ya …

If you have kiddos, what new things are they doing right now?

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