Addison Grace: 11 Months Old

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I’m baaaack!! Smile

As hard as it is for me to believe, my baby turned 11 months today.


The fact that in another month we’ll be celebrating her first birthday truly blows me away.


(Side note: That lollipop had its wrapping on, and she was monitored closely while playing with it.  Just FYI before anyone makes any comments. Winking smile)

This month has been another great one.

Some fun events from the month …

1. Addie got her first pair of “big girl” shoes!


Initially, she wasn’t too thrilled with them …


… but she eventually got the hang of them!

007 (2)-2000

2. Gigi (my mom), Sophie (my mom’s dog), and great-grandmother came to visit!


This was the first time my grandmother got to meet Addie, so it was pretty special!

3. Addie attended her first friends’ birthday party!


Our neighbors have twin boys, and they turned two-years-old this past month.  So we got to celebrate their birthday at a local indoor “playground.”


Although she wasn’t too sure about the ball pit, Addie had a really great time at the party.  We’ll definitely be visiting this place again soon!


And she loved meeting Elmo!  It was too darn adorable to see her go right up to him!

As for milestones, let’s see what Addie has been up to this month …


- Addie appears to be understanding more language these days.  She waves when we say “hi” or “bye-bye,” she does the sign for milk when I ask if she wants milk (and usually whimpers!), and she gets excited when I ask if she wants Cheerios or banana (two of her favorite foods).

- She has said several words, but I don’t think she’s saying them with meaning yet.  But what do I know?!  Words have included: hi, bye-bye, up, and momma.  She also tries to say “dada” but it sounds more like “yaya.”

- If I tell her to put blocks in the box, she appears to be understanding and following directions.  Prior to a couple of weeks ago, she only took things out.

Motor Skills:

- She is officially a walker.  She walks probably 85% of the time now.  The only time she crawls is if she’s in a big hurry to get something!

And I have to say, there is nothing cuter than seeing that little baby butt going back and forth while she’s waddling to get something.  Adorable!

- Addie really enjoys pushing things around the room.  This could include her stroller, a laundry basket, or her high chair.  She even tries pushing the grocery cart, but obviously it’s a little big for her right now!



- She still only has two teeth.


She has clearly been teething up a storm this past month, but we don’t have anything to show for it yet!

- I have no idea what she weighs, but my guess is around 18 or so pounds.  She’s petite but strong! Smile


- Formula is the bane of my existence.  I am very ready to be done worrying about how many ounces a day she is getting!  She typically gets around 18-20 ounces a day.  I’m thrilled on the days that she drinks 22-24 ounces!  Our pediatrician had previously wanted her to have at least 22 ounces a day, but I can’t force the girl to drink.  So we try our best, and I figure that soon we’ll be taking the formula away, anyway!

- Other than the formula issue, she loves to eat!  She is doing mostly finger foods, but I spoon feed her things like yogurt and oatmeal.


Here’s a typical day of eats for Addie:

7 am – formula

8 am – oatmeal mixed with formula and some type of fruit (peaches, blueberries, bananas)

Nap around 9:15-10:30

10:30 am – snack of few pieces of string cheese, peas, carrots, and Cheerios (all given to her on her tray)

12 pm – lunch of avocado pieces and black beans + a green smoothie (made with formula, spinach, frozen blueberries, banana, and chia seeds) + formula offered in a Sippy cup (which is hit or miss on how much she’ll drink)

Nap around 1:45-3:00

3 pm – formula + maybe a little fruit and Cheerios

4 pm – dinner of chicken pieces, roasted asparagus, peas and carrots, and peaches

6:45 pm – last bottle of the day then bed!

I’ve also started letting her use a baby fork to feed herself pieces of avocado and fruit, and that’s going pretty well!


Addie’s favorite things:

- Taking the safety locks off the cabinets and getting in to EVERYTHING.

- Being outside.  Now that’s getting warmer, we are outside almost every day!


- Taking everything out of mommy’s purse.  Or the cabinets.  Or the drawers.  You get the picture.  Basically trying to make the biggest mess possible. Winking smile


(Since I know how much she enjoys making a mess, I let her do some finger painting with yogurt the other day!  I saw the idea on a website and figured she’d get a kick out of it!)

- Exploring her world.


As Addie gets older, more of her personality is becoming obvious.  I call Addie “our observer.”  She just seems to want to take everything in.  She is incredibly curious and inquisitive.  She isn’t the super smiley baby, especially when we’re out and about.  Instead, she just studies you.  I think she’s going to have more of her daddy’s personality, and I love that. Red heart


Oh, and just so you don’t think things are all roses and butterflies around here …


… Addie can also have quite the temper. She’s a bit stubborn (Brandon prefers the term “determined” Winking smile), and she knows what she wants.  So she’s not always thrilled when we have to say “no.”

For example …

“No, you can’t shove that long skinny item down your throat.” 

“No, you can’t crawl off the edge of the bed.”

“No, you can’t put your finger in the electrical outlet.”

You know … things like that. Smile with tongue out

And that is Addison at 11 months!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful month!!

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