Addison Grace: 10 Months Old

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Well, here we are again!

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But this time, we’re in the double digits!


Addie is now the big 1-0 … 10 whole months!


This month has been another great one.  We started the month out with a visit from GiGi and Sophie.


Then Atlanta got hit with Snow Storm #1 of the year.



If you haven’t heard by now about the craziness that occurred with this storm, then you must not watch the news. Smile with tongue out  Thankfully, we were safe and sound in our warm home throughout the whole event.  But it was heartbreaking to hear about the hundreds of thousands of people who were not as fortunate!

So fast forward a couple of days.  The snow melted, and we suddenly got temperatures in the 60’s!


We took advantage by sitting outside and blowing bubbles.  Fun stuff!

Fast forward another week and a half … and Snow Storm #2 arrives!




In the south, we have to make do when cold weather hits … we use socks on our hands and put our kids in 10 layers of clothing. Winking smile

And now, just as our snowman (his name is/was Bubba, by the way) is melting, we’re about to get another week of 60 degree weather.  Oh, and I think we had earthquake as some point in there, too.  You know … no big deal.


So in between all of the craziness, what has sweet Addie been up to this month?


- Miss Addie-bug is just talking up a storm these days!  She continues to prefer the /y/, /b/, and /m/ sounds the most.  But she will happily chatter your ear off for several minutes at a time.  It melts my heart!

- She loves to yell/scream in happiness.  And girl friend is LOUD.

Motor Skills

- Addie is now standing independently (without holding on to anything) for extended periods of time. 


(Literally the ONLY picture I could get of her standing by herself.  As soon as I bring the camera out, she always sits down and crawls toward the camera!)

- On February 8th, Addison took her first steps!  We were playing with a ball in the kitchen, and while I was holding the ball, she stood up and took several steps toward me.  Thankfully, Brandon was also in the kitchen with us.  It was so neat to both be there for that special moment!

Since that time, she has taken steps on several occasions.  I think I counted about 8 steps one time, but she usually only takes a few.  So she still has some practicing before she becomes a proficient walker!

(This is a bad video, but it’s the best I’ve been able to get thus far!)


- She now has two teeth!


She has been going through another “hunger strike,” where she takes a lot less formula … so I’m thinking that perhaps a top tooth will be showing up shortly!

- At her 9 month appointment, she was 17 pounds.  So she’s probably a somewhere between 17-18 pounds now.

- She can now “help” dress/undress herself.  She can pull her shirts over her head (to take them off … not put them on!), and she can push her arms through sleeves.  That being said, she still doesn’t enjoy the “getting dressed” process!


- Earlier in the month, she was eating around 22-26 ounces a day.  Currently, she’s eating around 17-20 ounces.

- Addie tried a ton of new foods this month!  They included: almond butter, quinoa, pumpkin, black beans, and (her personal favorite!) watermelon.


We’ve also been doing a lot of juicing and smoothie making this month, and Addie LOVES drinking mommy’s green smoothies!


The smoothies include full fat plain yogurt, organic spinach, banana, frozen blueberries, and chia seeds.  Yum!

Addie’s favorite things

- She loves playing on mommy and daddy’s bed.  Usually when Brandon gets home from work, we’ll all pile on the bed and just act silly … tickling her, wrestling with her, etc.

- She loves this teether feeder.


I put frozen berries, banana, and peach slices in it and she absolutely LOVES it.  It’s also super easy to clean.  I highly recommend it!

- Daddy got her a Valentine’s gift that she really enjoyed eating playing with.



Sigh.  Everything goes in the mouth!

- She has really started loving books.  We read before all of her naps and bedtime, and she can now turn the pages herself.  And she loves books with pop-ups, textures, and flaps!

- She really just loves exploring.  If I’m in the bathroom, she wants to get into the bathroom cabinets.  If I’m in the office, she wants to pull papers out of our file folders.  If I’m in the kitchen, she wants to be standing at the stove, pulling things out of the fridge, or trying to crawl in to the dishwasher. Winking smile


And that’s Addie at 10 months!


Thanks for reading!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!

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Posted on by notsodomesticated Posted in Baby | 13 Comments