Our First Weekend in Atlanta!

So was anyone starting to wonder if I was still alive??

Never fear, I’m alive and well. Winking smile  But I’ve had: a) no internet access and b) no free time for the past several days!  My Google reader is blowing up, and I have lots of catching up to do this week! Smile with tongue out

I just want to use today’s post to catch everyone up to speed with what’s been going on with me and Brandon.  Let’s go day by day, shall we?

Wednesday: The movers came and packed everything up.  Our cable and internet was also shut off that day.  So here’s a lovely visual for you: Kristen, alone in the house (Brandon stayed late at the office), with nothing but a bed, one bowl, one spoon, and one plate left.  That’s it.  I ended up renting a couple of movies and watching them on my computer, while laying in bed and eating cookies & cream ice cream straight from the tub.  Sexy.

Thursday: The movers came back and took our bed and Brandon’s Jeep.  We said a sad good-bye to our house, and then met Brandon’s parents and grandmother for dinner.  We also met up with Brandon’s friend, Jonas, and his gorgeous little boy (Eli) for a quick good-bye.


Friday: We woke up early and hit the road.  It took us about 9 hours (and 3 stops due to Kristen’s teeny-tiny bladder Smile with tongue out) to drive from Ohio to Atlanta.  We then made a quick-pit stop at our storage unit before heading to dinner at Bahama Breeze (aka: the closest restaurant to our hotel!).


After 9 hours in a car and dealing with Atlanta rush-hour traffic, I was ready for a girlie drink. Winking smile  And the “Skinny Five Citrus Margarita” did the trick!


I also enjoyed a “small plate” of pulled pork, sweet plantains, black bean roasted corn, and guava barbeque sauce.  Yum! Red heart

After dinner, we literally crashed in our hotel room bed. 

* Have I told you yet that we’re staying in a hotel?  Brandon’s company is putting us up in a hotel for up to 90 days while we try to find a new home.  90 days.  In a hotel room.  With minimal cooking options.  This is going to be interesting, my friends! Thinking smile
Saturday: Brandon met the movers over at the storage unit so they could unload everything.  In the meantime, I got a workout in at the hotel gym.  The gym is pretty pathetic … 2 old treadmills and an old stair machine.  But it’s free, so I’ll make it work! Winking smile

Saturday afternoon, we drove around looking at houses.  We weren’t with our realtor, so we couldn’t go inside any of the homes, but we wanted to get an idea of the areas we might want to live in.

For lunch, we stopped at Fresh Market.  I haven’t seen a Fresh Market since living in Sarasota, and I was ecstatic to find one on our drive!


We split a couple of sushi rolls, plus some delicious Thai noodles.  FYI, Fresh Market’s sushi was just as tasty as sushi from an expensive restaurant!  You should try it! Thumbs up

Sunday: A top priority for Brandon and me is finding a church home.  So on Sunday morning, we headed to Passion City Church to check it out.


Louie Giglio pastors this church.  I’ve been listening to his sermons online for a while now, so I was excited to listen to one of his messages in person.

This is an older video … this isn’t an actual video of Sunday’s service. Winking smile  But if you haven’t heard of “laminin” before, you should watch it!

We were also blown away by the praise and worship portion of the service.  A Christian singer named Christy Nockels attends Passion City and leads the congregation in singing songs of worship (as do Chris Tomlin and Kristian Stanfill, but they weren’t leading yesterday).

The thing I loved most about service is how engaged the congregation was in the worship.  I want to be part of a church that is truly on fire for the Lord, and I felt that fire during the service.  It was incredible.

Sunday afternoon, Brandon and I went running in Suwanee Creek Greenway Park.

suwannee creek

This park has running trails that go through wooded areas, and it spans about 4 miles.  It was a gorgeous day to get some much-needed exercise, while enjoying the beautiful scenery! Smile

And now here we are!  It’s Monday, and I have a busy day of house-hunting with our realtor planned.  Hope everybody has a great day!  I can’t wait to catch up on all of your blogs!!


Question for ya …

Catch me up!  What have you been up to this past week??

Any good workouts recently?

Any house-hunting tips?


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35 Responses to Our First Weekend in Atlanta!

  1. Lisa Jordan

    I miss you already! So jealous of the shorts and tank top weather:-). I just know you guys will thrive there:-)! I’ll be praying for you!

    • notsodomesticated

      I miss you too!! You need to come visit, so I can take you to Passion City. You would love it!!

  2. Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health

    Good luck with house hunting love!! I hope it goes well :) . I’m glad you guys arrived safe and sound! Can’t wait to hear about how everything goes! Love u <3
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..Skin UpdateMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Aww love you too!! I’ve missed catching up on your blog!! Hope you had a good weekend! :)

  3. DeBlasio

    Chris Tomlin is amazing!! Sounds like a great church that is always comforting. Good Luck house hunting :) prayers sent your way!

  4. natalie @ southern fit foodie

    I am so excited for y’all! I can’t imagine 90 days in a hotel, but it could always be worse… I guess it will make you REALLY appreciate your new home whenever you find it haha.

    I had an awesome workout this morning – it was one of the ZWOW workouts from Zuzana on youtube. Let’s just say there was a total of sixty burpees with pushups…yeah, I may be a little sore tomorrow!

    I love your passion for the Lord!!!
    natalie @ southern fit foodie recently posted..It’s Official!!!My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Yikes, that workout sounds painful! I think you need to come be my personal trainer! ;)

  5. Faith @ For the Health of It

    Glad you’re there safely! Sounds like a blast exploring the new town…especially that margarita ;) Definitely necessary after a hectic move!

  6. Theresa

    i’m glad you made it to atlanta ok :) good luck finding a house, i cant wait to see what you guys finally choose!
    Theresa recently posted..Windy runs and Fat SundaysMy Profile

  7. Pamela

    Kristen, so happy your move has gone well, and you are making the most of it already! So excited for you, hope we catch up more soon :)

  8. Tabaitha

    I’ve been out of the blogging loop for awhile. Congrats on the move. It can be hectic. We did it twice moving from Texas to California and then back to Texas from California. We also stayed in a hotel for the first 30 days. I love Louie! He was my camp pastor several years and actually Christy Nockels and her husband used to lead worship for a college group I attended in Houston. You will love Passion City Church!Hoping all the details get ironed out and you two are able to find something soon!
    Tabaitha recently posted..Where did February go?My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      That is SO cool! Thanks for sharing about Louie and Christy!

  9. Jenny

    Good luck with the house-hunting here in Atlanta! It’s such a tough thing to decide which part of the city to live in because it’s so big and definitely depends on location of jobs, etc.

    Let me know if there is anything you need help with during your transition!

    • notsodomesticated

      Thanks so much, Jenny! It’s definitely overwhelming! I’m trying to narrow down the location right now!

  10. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things

    So glad you got to Atlanta safe and sound! I just moved to AZ in June, so I know how much of an adjustment it can be :)

    The only house-hunting tip I can think of is to be sure that you don’t settle. If something doesn’t feel right, then just walk away. It sucks to rent, but it will be worth it to get into your dream home that you haven’t found yet.
    Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things recently posted..Group Fitness ClassesMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Aw thanks, Michelle. I appreciate that advice. It’s hard to be patient, but I know we want to find just the right place for us!

  11. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    CHRIS TOMLIN!? It looks like you guys found a goldmine!

    Worship is one of my favorite things about attending a good church, and I LOVE when the congregation gets into it. Our church in Miami is known for people falling to their knees and calling out for God. It’s truly amazing!

    I’m so happy to see that you and Brandon are doing well so far, and cant wait to hear more about the adventures of finding a house. Is Brandon liking his new job?
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Man WardrobeMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Thanks, Brittany! He just started today, so I’ll keep ya updated! I’m hoping his first day went well!

  12. amy @ fearless homemaker

    sounds like your first weekend in atlanta was awesome – that makes me so happy to hear! hope you get a little time this week to relax + take a few minutes to unwind – i know how crazy moving can be!
    amy @ fearless homemaker recently posted..sugar cookie barsMy Profile

  13. kaceyt @ om&nom.com

    house-hunting can be so fun…and so stressful at the same time:) we’re in the middle of looking for a new house here in the town we live in and my biggest tip would be to keep an open mind! i’m so bad at that, but my husband keeps reminding me:) good luck!

    • notsodomesticated

      Haha thanks, Kacey!! I’m bad about that too! ;)

  14. Cinnamon @ eatpraytri

    How exciting! As moves go, yours sounds pretty good so far!! That church sounds awesome, can’t wait to hear more about it. That is #1 priority on Paul and I’s list as well for when we move. Finding a new church home…we love our church here so it is something we are both apprehensive about!
    Cinnamon @ eatpraytri recently posted..PR and Fro-GroMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Just pray about it … it’s amazing how He keeps providing for us, and I know he’ll do the same for you!

  15. Gretchen

    Good luck with the house hunting! :) Hopefully you’ll find one you love quickly! I’ll bet you’re enjoying the warmer weather! We had a snow day here in Michigan in Friday!
    Gretchen recently posted..My Favorite WinesMy Profile

  16. Tamara Marken

    My sister in law had no kitchen for like 1 month due to remodeling. She was very creative with the microwave and crockpot. I’ll try to get some ideas for you. I hope you at least have those 2 things. I can’t imagine living in a hotel. Hopefully it will be short and you will find the perfect house quick!

    • notsodomesticated

      Thanks, Tamara!! Yes, I have a crockpot, microwave, and 2 burners. I just don’t have an oven. But I’d love to hear some ideas!! You can email me at notsodomesticated.com if you get any ideas. Thanks again!! :)

  17. Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

    Congrats on the move. It’s definitely a pain, especially not having internet and all the other life essentials but once you’re settled in, it won’t even matter anymore.

    That park sounds like such a good workout venue. I run the streets in San Francisco and it can get a bit annoying but at least I don’t have to pay for a gym membership, right?
    Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious recently posted..Chicken Salad with Dried Cherries and PistachiosMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Haha that would be an awesome workout! I visited San Francisco once, and my quads were burning after a day! ;)

  18. Baking Serendipity

    I have family living in Atlanta and love visiting them…it is such an awesome city! My husband and I have been talking about moving back to Ohio lately, and one thing I know will be tough is leaving our church in Phoenix. How awesome to have found one already!
    Baking Serendipity recently posted..Strawberry Riesling GranitaMy Profile

  19. Katie @ Katie Without Restrictions

    Ooh, how exciting to see Louis Giglio in person! Terry went on a men’s retreat a couple years ago where they watched one of his videos, and when he got back home he pretty much instantly hopped on Amazon to order us a set. We love them! In other thoughts, I can’t imagine living out of a hotel ~ I’m interested to hear about your adventures! Good luck house hunting.
    Katie @ Katie Without Restrictions recently posted..In The Wilderness PlaceMy Profile

  20. Jen B

    Chris Tomlin goes to church there?? How neat. Good
    Luck finding a house!!! Bet it is nice to be on the buying end rather than the selling end!
    Jen B recently posted..DIY Hat TutorialMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Thanks, Jen!! Yes, Chris Tomlin actually started the church with Louie Giglio. Cool, right??

  21. Amy@ahealthyandhappyheart

    So glad you found a church and I love Christy Nockels and Chris Tomlin! So amazing! A church who is on fire for the Lord is so moving..:) Love it!

    As for working out…does opening up reese peanut butter eggs and lifting them to my mouth count?!
    Amy@ahealthyandhappyheart recently posted..My Pregnancy: Week 25My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Hahaha Easter candy already?? I need to get my hands on some of that! ;)

  22. Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy

    I’m glad that you’re adjusting! Hopefully you’ll find a house soon so you can have your kitchen back! Just think, though- you don’t have to clean!

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