My 29th Birthday (The Sequel).

On Saturday, I celebrated my 29th birthday … the sequel.

Just kidding.  I turned … gulp … 30!

My husband made my transition into the 30’s pretty fabulous, though.  The fun started when I woke up on Saturday morning, went downstairs, and found this:


Chocolate muffins and mimosas.  The man knows the way to my heart!


After spending the afternoon at home, Brandon and I headed out to dinner in Atlanta, while GiGi (my mom) stayed at the house and watched Addison.


We were pretty excited about a night out!


Dinner was at a restaurant called Agave.


I’ve actually blogged about the restaurant before, and I got the same meal (scallops!) that I ordered last time.


After dinner, Brandon had another surprise up his sleeve …


… a Ferris wheel ride!

This was my first experience on a Ferris wheel.  I was pretty nervous (I’m not a fan of heights!), but I liked the fact that you sat in a “gondola,” vs. a seat that wasn’t enclosed.


The Ferris wheel is 200 feet high.  When you’re at the top, you are able to see all of downtown Atlanta!


Not going to lie.  I definitely closed my eyes a few times, and I kept a tight grasp on Brandon throughout the ride.  But when I wasn’t completely terrified, I have to admit that it was pretty romantic!

Being the crazy party animals that we are, we ended the night by crashing in bed in our hotel room by about 10:00.  Par-tay. Smile with tongue out

The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast at Starbucks before attending a gathering at Passion City Church.

By the time church was over, we were both ready to get home to see our baby!


(She is loving solid foods, by the way!  Roasted sweet potatoes have been a big hit!)

And that was our weekend!  I guess if I had to turn 30, it was a pretty good way to do so!

Question for ya …

What did you do this weekend?

Anyone have any fears, like of heights?

Finally … here’s a little cuteness for you!


She’s going to hate me for these pictures one day. Winking smile


Have a great day, everyone!

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22 Responses to My 29th Birthday (The Sequel).

  1. Danielle @ It's A Harleyyy Life

    awwww– happy birthday! seems like you had a great day!

    • notsodomesticated

      Thanks so much, Danielle!

  2. Krista

    Happy birthday! On a side note…that ferris wheel use to be on Pensacola Beach and was just recently moved to Atlanta. My kids loved it when it was here and the view was amazing!!

    • notsodomesticated

      Oh cool! Yeah, Brandon told me that it travels around from city to city. But I didn’t realize where it was last! :)

  3. Brittany @ Read, Run, Repeat

    Happy 29+1 Birthday to you!! :) welcome to the flirty thirty club! (I refuse to call it the dirty thirty!)
    Brittany @ Read, Run, Repeat recently posted..Scrumptious Sweet & Salty Chocolate CakeMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Haha I like that … I think I’m going to embrace this “30″ thing! ;)

  4. Jana @ Happy Wife Healthy Life

    You look absolutely gorgeous girl! So glad you had a wonderful birthday! :)
    Jana @ Happy Wife Healthy Life recently posted..Bootcamp Begins!My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Thank you so much, Jana! Hope you had an awesome weekend!

  5. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries

    I’m SO glad you guys got a night away! That sounds amazing right now. One of these days… ;)

    You deserve the best birthday ever, so I’m glad you had a special day. I feel so bad – I had no idea your big day was coming! It snuck up on me, and I didn’t realize it until the day of!

    Love you! So thankful to have you in my life! xoxo
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..The Man Games, Football Season, & LaMaLu Boutique GiveawayMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Oh no worries … it’s hard enough for me to remember my own birthday right now hahaha! We have lots on our minds! ;)

      I love you so much, too! You are such a blessing!

  6. Cinnamon @ eatpraytri

    Happy Happy Happy birthday!! I forgot that you mentioned that your birthday was the same day as our move! Those ferris wheels are so fun! We went on one very similar in Seattle. Paul was just like you…a nervous wreck! hehe. It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday, Brandon treats his lady right. =) And those last two pics are killing me. Love them!
    Cinnamon @ eatpraytri recently posted..Friday linksMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      So how did the move go?? I saw a picture on facebook. Hope it went as smoothly as possible!

  7. Avery @ YoungAspirations

    How fun! Glad you guys had a chance to getaway. Looks like fun!
    Avery @ YoungAspirations recently posted..Efficient Budgeting (Our Humble Saving Tips) Part 1: Forming a SystemMy Profile

  8. Kathy

    Happy birthday! Sounds like a fun weekend.
    Kathy recently posted..Emma Grace: 5 MonthsMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Thanks girl!

  9. Cheri Mcguire

    Thanks for sharing your special day!…such fun…you make such a sweet couple with an adorable baby girl. You bring such joy to us :-) Love you ♥

  10. Jenna

    Very cool that your birthday is pretty close to mine! I really did turn 29, though… actually on August 29. So I’m getting nervous as 30 approaches! It sounds like you’re embracing it well, though! Glad you had a nice dinner out! The ferris wheel ride would’ve scared me to death because I don’t like heights, either!! I do agree that being enclosed helps. Planes and other things like that don’t bother me, but I thought I was going to die on a ski lift!!
    Jenna recently posted..Country CaviarMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Aww happy belated birthday! Yeah, 30 isn’t as bad as I thought it would be haha. ;)

  11. Amber @ Slim Pickin's Kitchen

    Happy belated birthday!!! Looks like you had a good time, and Addison is beautiful!
    Amber @ Slim Pickin’s Kitchen recently posted..An Unexpected Arrival…My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Thanks, girl!! Oh my word, I just saw your blog! I hope all is well with your little one! Congratulations!

  12. Meg

    That PIC!!! You daughter is SO CUTE!! Thank you so much for posting such an adorable picture. It has been a really stressful week for me and that brought a much needed moment of levity. Also, you look gorgeous, girl!

    • notsodomesticated

      Meg, thank you for that comment! I think she’s pretty cute, too haha! So sorry to hear you had a stressful week. :( If you need to vent, feel free to email me!

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