French Toast and New Cooking Tips

Last week, one of Brandon’s co-workers gave him these:


Free-range eggs!

And what does that fancy term even mean?  Yeah, I didn’t know either.  So I looked it up on Wikipedia (the most reliable news source ever, right? Winking smile), and found this definition:

Free-range eggs are eggs produced using birds that are permitted to roam freely within a farmyard, a shed or a chicken coop. This is different from factory-farmed birds that are typically enclosed in battery cages.” (Source)

Hmm … good to know!  Anyways, our “egg-cellent” gift (hehe Winking smile) prompted me to make (in my opinion) the best dinner ever!


Yep, I’m talking about “breakfast for dinner!” Smile

I threw some bacon in one skillet, made my cheesy scrambled eggs in another skillet, and then topped the meal off with some French toast.

For the French toast, I whisked together:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • dash of cinnamon


This “recipe” is based on a recipe that my friend, Stephanie, gave me … but she uses whipping cream instead of milk.  Now I take no issue with whipping cream, but I just rarely have it in the house!

Next I melted a little butter in my skillet over medium heat.


After dipping four pieces of whole wheat bread into my egg mixture, I threw them on the skillet.


After a couple of minutes, I gave them a quick flip …


… and another few minutes later, they were ready!


I served this dinner with a side of warm syrup, and Brandon and I were both very happy customers! Thumbs up

And I gotta say, after my epic “pancake fail” back in August, it felt good to make an edible breakfast!! Winking smile


Speaking of kitchen failures …

I recently saw an interesting Yahoo article called “10 Common Kitchen Mistakes and How to Fix Them.”

You can read the full article if you’re interested, but I thought I would share the few tips that I took away. Smile

1. If you want to get a good sear on your meat, don’t overcrowd your pan.  If you try to shove too much into the pan at once, you won’t get that nice brown color you’re looking for.

(I definitely had an “ah-ha” moment on this one! Light bulb <—– That would be the lightbulb going on above my head!)

2. Again, if you’re wanting to get a good sear on your meat, you need to get your pan nice and hot before adding your oil, followed by your meat. 

I usually just throw the oil in, don’t give it much time to get hot, and then add my meat.  Hmm … it’s all making sense now …

3. OK this was a MAJOR one for me … if you’re wondering why your meat gets overcooked on the outside and takes forever to cook all the way through … it’s probably because you took the meat straight from the refrigerator to the pan! 

Evidently, you want to bring your meat to room temperature before cooking it.  Who does that???

And finally …

4. When baking, you should weigh your dry ingredients to ensure complete accuracy and consistency. 

Sooo … I guess I shouldn’t have returned that kitchen scale we got at our wedding … ? Who me?


Question for ya …

French toast, waffles, or pancakes?  Which do you prefer?

Did you learn anything from the tips I shared … or from reading the article yourself?  Or did you already know all of those things?

(Go ahead … you can brag that you are more skilled in the kitchen than I am.  I promise I won’t take offense. Winking smile)

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23 Responses to French Toast and New Cooking Tips

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Oo! Breakfast for dinner is my personal favorite– Except mine usually comes in the form of cereal ;)
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Special GuestMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Haha Brandon’s usually comes in cereal form, too. He’s a “Life” junkie! ;)

  2. Pamela

    Great job Kristen! Jeremy also loves breakfast for dinner.. something I never had as a kid for dinner! So it’s sometimes fun to do. I will usually make an omelet, or waffles or pancakes with some type of egg- my favorite is poached :0) I highly recommend any kind of quick-bread (like banana bread or pumpkin bread) as a great french toast. You can slice them about 1 1/2″ and dip them in the same batter you described.. and it is amazing. Look forward to your next blog!

    • notsodomesticated

      Yum pumpkin bread would be amazing! I made pumpkin whoopie pies last night and they are sooo good!

  3. Pamela

    P.S. I finally had an almost empty peanut butter jar and tried your “oats in a jar” recipe.. it was very good! Definitely a good treat once in a while!

    • notsodomesticated

      Glad you liked the oats in a jar!! I haven’t had that for a while now … yum!!!

  4. Amy D

    I must add a fantastic tip (From a chef) I learned about French Toast! Before just throwing bread into the mix make sure to Toast it lightly beforehand. Or depending on how many slices place on a cookie sheet toast in the oven. It will not get soggy and easier to handle! Taste better too :) Not sure if you knew that but I think everyone should know.

    • notsodomesticated

      Great tip!! Thanks, Amy!!

  5. Lyndsie @ highcottonlivin

    I am a total waffle girl. I like to eat them with peanut butter and syrup. That French toast looks amazing though – perfectly browned! :)

    I did not know that you should let the pan heat up before you put in the oil. I will have to try that.
    Lyndsie @ highcottonlivin recently posted..A New TraditionMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      I put peanut butter on my waffles, too!!

  6. Theresa

    i love breakfast for dinner, this post made me so happy!! :)

    French toast by far! I love making french toast with challah bread, its so ridiculously delicious. I cook it on the griddle then transfer it to the oven for a couple minutes and it really comes out great.

    I actually didnt know alot of these tips for cooking meat, I suppose this is because I dont tend to cook alot of meat myself, but its def useful info for the future ;)
    Theresa recently posted..Top 10 Things She’s Learned at 26: Part 2My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      I haven’t made it with challah bread before, but I really want to!! I’ve seen it on Food Network, and it looks amazing!

  7. Miranda@Miranda's Munchies

    I need a skillet! It looks so useful, I always crowd my french toast together!

    That being said, I’m a waffle girl! But I prefer round ones to square… is that weird?
    Miranda@Miranda’s Munchies recently posted..Jasper Recap!My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Hmm round to square, huh? Should I psychoanalyze that one? ;)

  8. Kiah

    I definitely prefer free range eggs, ever since I saw a documentary on non-free range eggs…aka chickens packed into excruciatingly small spaces, unable to move :-( That said, I don’t always buy it because it’s more expensive!
    Kiah recently posted..for the fun of itMy Profile

  9. Sam

    i didn’t know any of those tips!! i looooove pancakes :)
    Sam recently and fitness link love 11My Profile

  10. Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health

    I love all of them- although I think I generally make pancakes before anything else. I never knew you needed to bring the meat to room temperature! That takes too long haha
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..Cardio Machine Boredom BustersMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      I agree … I’m too impatient for that!

  11. Sara Grambusch

    French Toast is great in that it’s kind of impossible to mess up. Just get everything in the pan and it will cook eventually :)
    There is nothing like eggs fresh from a good quality farm. I’m constantly amazed that I can taste a difference in eggs.
    Sara Grambusch recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday: First EditionMy Profile

  12. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

    love love love french toast!
    Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted..Savory Breakfast Bread PuddingMy Profile

  13. Lindsay@Rubies and Rewards

    I LOVE breakfast for dinner! One of my faves!
    Lindsay@Rubies and Rewards recently posted..Handful of Blessings and a GiveawayMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Yum … me too!!

  14. Jordan

    breakfast for dinner is the best!! i am definitely a pancake person, but the other day i had pumpkin bread french toast and it legitimately changed my life. sooo good!
    (also, apparently i am a terrible cook because all of the things in that article were news to me! haha!)
    Jordan recently posted..Update!My Profile

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