Eating our way around Europe.

Today I have a very special WIAW planned.  You can’t talk about a European vacation without talking about the food. 

And let me tell you … I ate more than my fair share of delicious treats on this trip. Winking smile

If you’ve ever been on a cruise before, you know that you can pretty much eat all day long, if you so choose.  On our cruise, I tried to typically stick to just three meals a day, but I also had no problem enjoying the occasional extra snack!

cruise random eats

This is just a sample of some of my meals on the ship. 

Breakfasts would usually consist of some type of croissant (usually stuffed with a cream cheese mixture or Nutella! Red heart), Belgian waffles, or pancakes.  I’d also have a side of hash browns and fruit .   One morning I also had an omelet special ordered, and that was delicious!

We rarely had lunch on the boat, because we were out exploring the various cities.  But when we did eat on the boat, I either had a couple slices of pizza or a turkey burger.

And those cupcakes?  Well the ship had its own cupcake shop, so of course, we had to try a couple on our very first day.  I had the peanut butter cup cupcake.  It was good, but nothing super amazing!

During the day, we would often work up an appetite while exploring the various cities.

pizza and pasta

As you can see, pizza was a popular choice for us.  The pizza on the bottom left was from Barcelona, and it was just OK.  But those other two pizzas?  Those were from Rome (top left) and Capri (bottom right), and they were absolutely incredible.  We just ordered simple margarita pizzas both times, but the flavor was anything but simple!  On our last day in Barcelona, I ordered pasta in a sauce made of olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flake.  It was also delicious.  I ate that entire bowl, and probably could have eaten a second bowl, if given the option! Thumbs up

gelato and benigets

My sweet tooth is no secret to any of you by now.  So does it really surprise you that we got gelato on four different occasions during the trip?  I didn’t think so.  And that chocolate beignet (from a bakery in Toulon, France)  was probably the best thing I ate all week.  We sat outside the bakery and paired our beignet with small cups of coffee.  Heavenly.

Each night on the cruise, we would return to our cabins after a day of exploring, get cleaned up, and head to dinner. 

And I looked forward to dinner every. single. day.

cruise dinners

This is just a small sample of the appetizers and entrees I enjoyed on the ship.  Appetizers ranged from crab cakes, to quiche, to delicious soups.  Dinners included rack of lamb, roasted chicken, and seafood ravioli, just to name a few.  And there was not one meal that left me disappointed!

cruise desserts

And of course, every dinner was topped off with an incredible dessert.  I ate tiramisu, lemon meringue pie, chocolate bread pudding, coconut cake, and much more!  I think that bread pudding was my favorite, though.  So decadent and rich!

vaca drinks

We also enjoyed a few drinks on our trip.  Drinks included margaritas or mango coladas by the pool, sangria in Barcelona, wine in Tuscany, and a fresh watermelon margarita in Capri, Italy.  That watermelon margarita needs to be recreated at home, stat!

And finally, I have one more meal to share.  On the way back to the states, we were incredibly blessed to get to fly business class.  Which meant we had bigger seats, softer blankets, and freakishly good airplane meals!


The appetizer included some type of coconut Thai soup, grilled shrimp, and quinoa.  I also had a pretzel bun with butter.


The main course was chicken with some type of onion compote, mashed potatoes, and sautéed vegetables.

And for dessert?


Ice cream sundaes!  I requested raspberry sauce and whipped cream on mine, but you could choose from a variety of toppings.

We also got warm nuts, warm chocolate chip cookies, mimosas, and sandwiches before we landed.  I eventually put my camera away, because I think I was embarrassing Brandon with my incessant picture taking. Winking smile

I will probably not get to fly in business class again for a very long time, so I enjoyed every single second of that indulgent experience!


Now this month’s WIAW is not just about food.  It’s also about fitness.  And believe it or not, I did manage to get in plenty of exercise on this trip! 


First of all, we went to the gym on the ship on five different days.


We didn’t go because we felt like we had to … we just wanted to . We got in a nice routine of getting up around 7:00, going to the gym, getting breakfast, getting cleaned up, and then heading out to explore.  It worked for us. Smile

We also walked.  Like, a lot.


And on our last day in Barcelona, we went on a 3 hour bike tour of the city.


Let me tell ya, I wasn’t thrilled about the bike tour at first.

bike tour

I haven’t ridden a bike in almost 20 years, so trying to ride one while dodging slow moving tourists and fast moving cars wasn’t exactly my idea of a “good time.” Confused smile

But after about an hour, I got used to it and was able to relax enough to enjoy the views.


Not too shabby, huh?


Question for ya …

How do you handle eating/working out when you’re on vacation?

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?

When’s the last time you’ve ridden a bike?

(Spin class bikes don’t count!!)

Thoughts on the finale of The Bachelorette?

He was my favorite from Day 1.  That’s all I’m going to say about that. Winking smile

* And stay tuned later this week … I have lots more pictures from our trip to share!

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41 Responses to Eating our way around Europe.

  1. Adriana Contreras

    I am so jealous of your trip! It looks absolutely amazing. Thank God you work out as much as you do….looking at all that amazing food made ME gain 15 pounds!! ;)

    • notsodomesticated

      Haha you’re so funny, Adriana!! I probably did gain a couple of pounds, despite the exercise. But they were worth it! ;)

  2. amy @ fearless homemaker

    oh boy, all that food looks SO good, especially the chocolate beignet. YUM!
    amy @ fearless homemaker recently posted..cantaloupe-basil agua frescaMy Profile

  3. amy

    I killed Gelatos everyday in Europe!!! Sometimes twice :)

  4. jennifer

    Looks like you had a fantastic time! Great food choices.
    Bike tours are a fun way to see cities! We did that last week in Toronto. It seemed like everyone who was a local/native was riding bikes, so we felt like we blended in. However, it was annoying to dodge slow pedestrians. They always have the right of way and that was confusing for us since we’re used to pedestrians waiting for cars/bikes to clear in order to cross.
    jennifer recently posted..Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad RecipeMy Profile

  5. amy @ fearless homemaker

    PS – you better report back on how you like the watermelon margarita if you make it at home! i know a great blog where you can find a recipe. =)
    amy @ fearless homemaker recently posted..cantaloupe-basil agua frescaMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Haha did you see what I had written on your blog this morning?? Great minds think alike! ;)

  6. Candis

    Glad you had a great time on your trip!! I’ve had pizza in Rome and Capri too and once you come back, nothing compares!! Tell me if you agree or not :-) . Did you have any gelato?

    • notsodomesticated

      You must have missed my section on gelato! I had a whole picture collage devoted to my love of gelato haha! ;)

  7. Nicole

    Last time I rode a bike was prob around 12 years old? It wasn’t cool to ride one in Jr High so I ditched it.

    My delicious thing I’ve eaten this week was the chicken fried rice and broccoli my husband cooked last night!

    On vacations I completely fall apart. Always have intentions to run or use the gyms in the AM, but it never happens. And I eat horribly!!!
    Nicole recently posted..My TuesdayMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Nicole, I was the same way with my bike. As soon as I hit middle school, it was gone!

  8. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    Thank you for sharing and telling us about your wonderful trip… and all of these pictures, the food, the adventures… love it! I bought a bike at the beginning of the summer and have been riding it everywhere, but before that, it had been years!
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..WIAW- Can You Have Both?My Profile

  9. Heather

    So glad you guys had such a nice time! Everything looks so good! I usually try to run a couple of times when on vacation to keep my fitness level from plummeting while away (I was visiting family for 5 days this past week, I ran 2x and swam once). The best thing I ate this week was my favorite dish at my Brother In Law’s restaurant in Richmond, VA – duck salad (greens with roasted duck breast, gorgonzola cheese, yellow raisins. YUM! I try to ride a ‘real’ bike once a week for Tri training (offset by a spin class once a week) but didn’t ride this past week b/c I was out of town. I hadn’t ridden a real bike in 20 plus years until we bought bikes and a kid carriage attachment a couple of years ago – of course that was between pregnancies so it didn’t get used a lot, then I took the leap in to Triathlon last year, so I ride a bit more regularly now.

    • notsodomesticated

      I saw the pic of Rachel at your BIL’s restaurant … too cute!

  10. Danielle

    Your meals look amazing and that trip sounds fabulous! I’ve never been overseas so I am always fascinated to see everyones travels there!
    Danielle recently posted..What I ate WednesdayMy Profile

  11. Jessie

    I’m gonna go ahead and say you have the MOST DELICIOUS eats for WIAW. Everything looks heavenly, and so elegant!

    The best thing I’ve eaten this week so far was last nights dinner. I made broccoli & cheese stuffed tilapia. So simple, but so good.
    Jessie recently posted..A new beginning…My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Aww thank you, Jessie! It helps that all of the food was from Europe haha. The food I make myself isn’t nearly as beautiful! ;)

  12. Megan@ The Running Doc

    Everything you had looks fantastic, especially the pizza and croisants! I’m pretty sure the last time I rode a bike was on a bike tour through Munich, Germany. I can relate to struggling with avoiding tourists and crazy drivers, ha. But I thought it was the best way to see the city!
    Megan@ The Running Doc recently posted..T-4 Days Until the OlympicsMy Profile

  13. Kat

    Now THAT looks like my kinda vacay!! That food….oh my goodness!! What an amazing experience for your tummy :)
    Kat recently posted..Sweaty FacedMy Profile

  14. Laurie @ Love, Laugh, Laurie

    Love love love all the pics! And that gym is awesome!
    Laurie @ Love, Laugh, Laurie recently posted..Half Marathon (2) Run #1 and One Lovely BlogMy Profile

  15. Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries

    Wowww girl! SO many delicious eats! I would be in food heaven. ;) That bike tour sounds like fun to me. I’m a huge fan of bike rides, but I could see why it’d be challenging having to dodge a bunch of other tourists!
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..WIAW #44: A Hiking We Will Go!My Profile

  16. Lauren @ Chocolate, Cheese and Wine

    I’m so jealous everything looks absolutely amazing. That simple pasta you described sounds so good.
    Lauren @ Chocolate, Cheese and Wine recently posted..C25K Week 1 Recap!My Profile

  17. Theresa

    ahhhh everything looks so amazing!!

    usually when im on vacation and its an area i feel safe, i’ll go for a run..or utilize the gym if there is one available. When we went to El Salvador to visit my family last year, it was impossible to go for a run, so I just bought workout DVDs with me and did them in the morning before we headed out for the day. I also indulged but not anything crazy, i came back weighing less then i did when i left, funny right?

    I bike ride a lot now with my road bike but a few years ago I went to boston and did a bike tour and hadnt been on a bike in forever..i was definitely scared at first but quickly got comfortable, it was such a FUN experience, I’d love to do a bike tour anywhere else!
    Theresa recently posted..The Randomest TuesdayMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Theresa, I did NOT come back from this trip weighing less haha!! But that’s OK, it was worth it! ;)

  18. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    I’m overwhelmed. I feel full just reading this post. :)

    I have never been on a cruise, but I’ve been more and more tempted by them after hearing (and seeing) such amazing things! I actually was talking to a blogger friend about how we should have a blog retreat ‘at sea.’ Just a big vacation on a boat.

    I love the gym on the ship! I try to find a gym–or at least go for runs/walks–while I’m away from home because it keeps me mentally feeling good and physically feeling even better!
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted..Merry Christmas In July! [WIAW]My Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Oh my goodness, if you do a blogger retreat on a ship, sign me up!! :)

  19. Yellow Haired Girl

    Oh my god you’re KILLING me. This all looks amazing!
    Yellow Haired Girl recently posted..I Don’t Believe In Turning On The OvenMy Profile

  20. Cinnamon @ eatpraytri

    Yes! This was the post I was waiting for…to see all that delicious food from the trip! :) I’ve never been on a cruise and I want to go soooo bad. Maybe next year. Next week while we are gone I am really going to try to get in a rhythm of working out whether it be swimming or running. I think it will make the trip even more enjoyable b/c of the added energy!!
    I rode a bike a few weeks ago….it can be very intimidating after not riding one for a really long time!
    Cinnamon @ eatpraytri recently posted..WIAW: {when the kids are away….}My Profile

  21. natalie @ southern fit foodie

    Okay, it’s settled. I told Daniel that I really wanted to do the cruise y’all just did, and now we must. The food and the views look amazing! That’s awesome that y’all got the gym so frequently. When we’re on vacation, I try to hit the gym a few times and get in lots of walking/hiking/swimming/biking depending on where we are, but I don’t sweat it if I don’t stick to my regular workout schedule.

    I’m so glad you had such a blast!
    natalie @ southern fit foodie recently posted..french toast pancakesMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Natalie, you would LOVE it!! My biggest piece of advice, though … don’t book excursions through the ship that last all day. So if you chose to, you could book a tour of each city through the ship. And that sounds like a good idea, but if you’re gone off the boat all day, every day, you end up EXHAUSTED (that’s what happened to a friend of mine). Instead, maybe do 1 or 2 excursions that sound really interesting to you. On the other days, just get off the boat and explore at your own pace. Don’t feel like you have to see everything. Just enjoy what you do see, and then go back on the boat in enough time to enjoy the pool for a few hours before dinner. Such a better idea. ;)

  22. Lauren

    Boy I definitely did not have good intuition with this season! I really think she ended up with the best guy though. On vacation, I usually just try to walk or run each day. I’ve heard great things about cruise food. That ice cream you had looks so good!

  23. Pamela

    I love that you did a bike tour! Was it Fat Bike tours by the way? I did one in Berlin and I loved it. Your trip looks like so much fun and the food great of course! What cruise line did you take again? So glad you loved it..and the food.. of course that’s the pure and simple reason to travel in my ;)

    • notsodomesticated

      It wasn’t Fat Bike, but we had heard about that one! I forget what it was called, but we really enjoyed it. :) We went on Royal Caribbean, and the boat was Liberty of the Seas. It was awesome! :)

  24. Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health

    I’m beyond jealous!! Of your trip and your eats haha. That food looks amazing :) .
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..Bridesmaid DressesMy Profile

  25. Lance

    Looks like an awesome trip and I look forward to hanging out to hear more about it.
    On a side note Brandon looked like he was more than ready for the bike adventure.

    • notsodomesticated

      Haha I always love when you comment on my blog, Lance. ;)

  26. Anne@LoveMintChocolateChip

    your eats look amazing!! i am impressed with you guys getting up to workout! when i am on vacation i usually try to squeeze in a workout before the day gets going because i just feel SO much better… as far as eating on vacation… let’s just say i treat myself ;)

  27. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    WOW! Oh my goodness, this WIAW beats any WIAW I’ve ever read! SO much great food and so many good eats! That gelato especially! I traveled to Italy while I was in middle school and basically lived on that stuff :D

    Glad to have you back, pretty lady!
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..Burnt & CrunchyMy Profile

  28. Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy

    It looks like you had an amazing trip! I didn’t even know you were going to Europe! I think I must’ve missed that info. between my wedding and honeymoon!
    Emily @ Perfection Isn’t Happy recently posted..Jet LaggedMy Profile

    • notsodomesticated

      Hey it’s OK … you’ve been a little busy haha! ;) Congratulations!!!!!

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