Queen for a Day (or at least an evening …)

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Happy Monday! Smile

Thank you all so much for your sweet birthday wishes on Wednesday’s post.  You guys are the best!

My actual birthday was on Friday.  The day itself wasn’t anything too exciting.  I was working, so I didn’t exactly get to “live it up.”  But I knew that when I got home that evening, I’d have something special waiting for me.

Since Brandon had already treated me to dinner on Sunday, I wasn’t sure what he had up his sleeve for Friday night.  All I knew was that I received an “Evite” from my “Loving Husband” on Thursday, inviting me to a party of 2, hosted at “Kristen’s Castle.”

Pretty cute, right? 

When I first arrived home on Friday, I was greeted with several birthday cards, including a very special one from my nieces.


How cute are those pictures??  Apparently, Mary-Allison thinks that we should have an apple tree in our front yard. Thumbs up

Then when Brandon got home, he brought me a couple of fun surprises from my mom.


Balloons and …


… a red velvet cake!!!

Brandon then told me that he was going to be cooking dinner and doing all of the dishes by himself. 

Let me tell you …  there has only been one other time since we’ve been married that Brandon has prepared dinner for me on his own.  And that time, he made a frozen Stouffer’s lasagna.

So this was pretty monumental, folks!


Brandon made steaks on the grill, with a side of cheesy pasta.  It was delicious and I ate every bite!

After dinner, Brandon gave me the next part of my gift:


LUSH bath products!

I’ve given LUSH products to other people as gifts before because I’ve heard amazing things about their products.  But I’ve never actually bought anything for myself before!


(How funny is the description of the Body Butter?  Smile with tongue out)

So Brandon ushered me upstairs, where he lit some candles and gave me privacy to enjoy a luxurious bath all by myself.


That bath bomb was vanilla scented, and the stick poking out is actually a real stick of vanilla!  It smelled heavenly and left my skin feeling silky smooth!

After about an hour reading in the bathtub, I cozied up in a robe and went back downstairs.  We then watched a movie (my pick!), before calling it a night.

It really was the perfect night, and I felt like an absolute queen.


If this is the kind of treatment I can expect every birthday, I’m ready for 30 to roll around!

(OK … not really … Who me?)

Question for ya …

What did you do this weekend?

When’s the last time you felt pampered?

Favorite cake flavor: Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, or carrot cake?

Who else is dying over all of the most recent Big Brother drama??  Pure craziness!

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Posted on by notsodomesticated Posted in Food, Married Life, Uncategorized | 20 Comments