Making a Great Marriage.

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Hey friends! Smile

How was everyone’s weekend?

I had a very nice one.  As I mentioned on Friday, I helped throw a baby shower for my friend, Leigh.  It was so fun getting to see friends and celebrate this new and exciting stage of life for Leigh!

leigh's shower

But today’s post isn’t about babies (shocking, I know.).  Today, I wanted to focus on a different topic.  Marriage.

I’ve already shared numerous times that I’m part of a women’s mentoring group.  Our mentor, Regina, has been married for 42 years to a wonderful man.  They are a very special couple.  They love the Lord very much, and they love pouring their lives into other people.

As part of the mentoring experience, we focused one month of our studies on the subject of marriage.  We read an incredible book called The Meaning of Marriage.

marriage book

And when we met at the end of the month as a group, Regina was kind enough to share some of her “keys” to making a great marriage.  These are things that she’s learned throughout her 42 years of marriage.  I respect Regina so much, so any advice she gives makes me want to sit up and listen!

I thought I’d share her keys with you all today.  Great advice isn’t meant to be kept to ourselves … it’s meant to be shared so others can benefit, as well!

Regina’s Keys to Making a Great Marriage

1. God has to be our first love.

2. Love is a choice.

3. Words matter.

(She said that words can be a blessing or a curse, so choose them carefully.)

4. I don’t always have to get my way.

5. My focus needs to be on loving my husband, not changing him.

(Trust God to change what He wants changed.)

6. Life is found when it is given away.

(Serve together in ministry.  Invest in other people’s lives.)

7. Sex is a big deal.

(Don’t ignore that part of your marriage.)

8. When I keep score, I always lose.

9. It is better to be reconciled than to feel “right.”

(Don’t go to bed angry.  Try to resolve, or at least start to resolve, issues before going to bed.)

10. Love covers a multitude of sin.

(We love because we are loved by Christ.)

Practical things Regina and her husband do to keep their marriage strong:

1. Pray together.

2. Frequent dates – a time to communicate with each other.

3. Do ministry together.

4. Annual planning session – ideal if you can make it a romantic getaway also.

(Time to pray together, to determine priorities for the family)

5. Understand our spouse’s personality and love language.

(How does he need to be loved?  How is he wired?)

6. Make our marriage a priority with our children.  It’s important for the children to see you are united.

(Everything can’t revolve around the kids.  Your marriage also needs to be a priority.)

Well I hope those ideas are a blessing to some of you, as they were to me. Smile

Have a great week, everyone!

Question for ya …

What did you do this weekend?

If you’re married, what advice has been helpful to you in your marriage?  What advice would you share with others?

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Posted on by notsodomesticated Posted in Friends, Married Life | 14 Comments
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