Where’s all the Fro-Yo?

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Hi again!

I can’t believe it’s Friday again.  Time flies when … you’re doing absolutely nothing. Smile with tongue out

I don’t think I’ve shared too much on the blog about what I’ve been doing since the move to Atlanta.  As most of you know, we moved for Brandon’s job.  I quit my job as a school psychologist in Ohio so that I could move with him (because, call me crazy, I want to be living with my husband Winking smile).  However, trying to find a job with a school district in the middle of the school year is pretty much impossible.

The good news?  I am going to start doing some contract work with a district … which means I’ll just be helping out on an “as needed” basis.  But other than that, I don’t have a whole lot to do!

I am by no means complaining.  Having a little time off can be nice, especially because it frees me up to look at houses whenever my realtor is available … since at some point, we’re going to have to move out of this hotel! Smile with tongue out

But it also means that I have a lot of time on my hands.  A lot.

bored baby


So what have I been doing?

Other than looking at houses, I’ve been doing a lot of working out, Bible study, blogging, and (let’s be honest) TV watching.  I haven’t done too much exploring of the area because I’ve been trying to save money (because FYI, houses aren’t cheap!).

But on Wednesday, I had to get out of the house hotel.  So I decided it wouldn’t hurt to do a little “window shopping” at the Mall of Georgia!


Of course, temptation got the best of me, and window shopping turned into … well … real shopping. Angel


In my defense, I found some great deals!  Those Express shorts were buy one pair, get the other pair at a discounted price … PLUS I found a $15 coupon on their website!

And FYI, Old Navy currently has a “buy one, get one free” deal on a ton of solid-colored tanks and tees!  So all 4 of those tops cost me less than $16! Thumbs up

On the way home from the mall, I had a serious hankering for some frozen yogurt.  But my (very unreliable) GPS couldn’t come up with any frozen yogurt stores in the area … even though I knew there was one around somewhere!

So instead, I ended up heading to Chick-Fil-A.


You can get a monstrous cup of ice cream there for less than $2.00 and less than 300 calories!  Sounds like a winner to me! Winking smile


So I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon today and completing the survey that the lovely Janetha started and every blogger I know has completed!

(I’m always late on trends. Smile with tongue out)

A is for age: 28, but I look about 12 (or so I’ve been told.)

B is for breakfast today: Peanut butter and banana on a toasted English muffin, sliced pineapple on the side, coffee, and water.

C is for currently craving: I’m still really wanting some frozen yogurt!  (Hint, hint, Brandon! Winking smile)

D is for dinner tonight: I’m making a Mexican chicken dish.  It’s the first time I’m using the burners in the hotel room.  Fingers crossed I don’t set off the fire alarm!


E is for favorite type of exercise: Running.  I have a love-hate relationship with running, but it’s still my favorite form of exercise.  Even when it’s hard, I feel amazing when I’m done!


F is for an irrational fear: Currently, it’s that we won’t find and close on a house before our 90 days in the hotel are up.  It’s totally irrational, but there it is.  No worries … I’m praying through it. Winking smile

G is for gross food: Cottage cheese, feta cheese, blue cheese … and olives.  Bleck.

H is for hometown: Great question!  I don’t even know!  I spent most of my childhood/teen years in Ellwood City, PA, so I guess that would be considered my “hometown?”  But I also consider Sarasota, Florida my hometown because my mom still lives there and I spent several years there … hmmm … Thinking smile

I is for something important: My relationship with Christ first, and my relationship with my husband, friends, and family. Red heart

J is for current favorite jam: I just got the Passion 2012 CD, and I’ve been listening to it non-stop.  This is just one of songs I love:

K is for kids: None yet, but someday!

L is for current location: Outside of Atlanta, Georgia in my lovely hotel room. Winking smile


M is for the most recent way you spent money: Shopping … see above!!

N is for something you need: Hmm a job would be nice.  And a house. Winking smile

O is for occupation: Normally … school psychologist.  Currently … desperate househotel wife!

P is for pet peeve: There are several I could think of … all revolving around people being inconsiderate.

Q is for a quote: Philippians 4:13 and 2 Corinthians 4:16-18.

R is for random fact about you: I’m left-handed.  And I write funny … evidently I wasn’t taught to correctly write left-handed as a child.  My OT (occupational therapy) friend, Lynn, once told me I have an “awkward, immature pencil grip.”  Awesome!

S is for favorite healthy snack: Peanut butter and banana on … anything, really. Winking smile  And Greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit.

T is for favorite treat: Anything sweet … cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, you name it!


U is for something that makes you unique: Isn’t this similar to “R??” Geez, I don’t know … ask my husband. Smile with tongue out

V is for favorite vegetable: Carrots, spinach, broccoli, zucchini … but let me tell ya, you won’t see me caressing any veggie like I’m caressing that candy bar!

W is for today’s workout: I have a long(er) run planned … hopefully 9 miles!

X is for X-rays you’ve had: A young boy with autism stepped on my foot once (unintentionally!) and I had to get x-rays on my pinky toe haha.  Don’t worry, folks, I survived.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Um … the piece of German chocolate cake I ate after dinner? Angel

Z is for your time zone: Eastern .. hasn’t ever changed, despite living in 4 different states!


Whew, OK, if you actually read all of that, you are a trooper!  We will now be BFF forever, mmm-k? Winking smile


Question for ya …

Whatcha doing this weekend?

Brandon and I are hopefully visiting a winery.  Fingers crossed the weather cooperates!

Answer letters: C (Craving), H (Hometown), and Y (Yesterday’s highlight) for me!!

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