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Addison Grace: 1 year old!

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Welp, this is it!

My baby girl is no longer a baby.

(Insert cliché statements about how quickly the year has gone.)

But seriously, the year really has flown by. 

I always say that for me, the first 2 months felt like 2 years … but then the last 10 months have felt like 10 minutes.

This past month has been particularly fun for us.  Addie continues to do so many new things, and we’ve also had some fun activities going on. 

We had some family stay in town with us for a long weekend …

… and then we went to Florida for Addie’s birthday last week!

(Pictures from the airport!)

We had a really fun time in Florida.  Addie did great on the plane (my tips: bring lots of snacks and keep toys/books hidden until you need them … then take them out one at a time!).  When we got to Florida, she [...]

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