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Addison Grace: 11 Months Old

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I’m baaaack!!

As hard as it is for me to believe, my baby turned 11 months today.

The fact that in another month we’ll be celebrating her first birthday truly blows me away.

(Side note: That lollipop had its wrapping on, and she was monitored closely while playing with it.  Just FYI before anyone makes any comments. )

This month has been another great one.

Some fun events from the month …

1. Addie got her first pair of “big girl” shoes!

Initially, she wasn’t too thrilled with them …

… but she eventually got the hang of them!

2. Gigi (my mom), Sophie (my mom’s dog), and great-grandmother came to visit!

This was the first time my grandmother got to meet Addie, so it was pretty special!

3. Addie attended her first friends’ birthday party!

Our neighbors have twin boys, and they turned two-years-old this past month.  So we got to celebrate their birthday [...]

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