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European Vacation, Part Dos: France

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Happy Monday, everyone!

What did everyone do this weekend? 

We worked around the house a little on Saturday, followed by a date night that night at a local restaurant.  Sunday we had church, and then did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day.  It was glorious.


Today I’m going to talk about our fun times in France!

First up, Toulon!

Toulon was a small village by the water. 

You could easily walk around almost the entire town.

Every Sunday, there is a farmer’s market in the heart of Toulon. 

And guess what day we were there??

We spent the entire morning strolling around the town and looking at all of the delicious goodies in the store windows.

We eventually took a break and shared a beignet and a couple of coffees, while sitting outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Hands [...]

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