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WIAW and I love Publix.

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Well, it’s Day #5 of living in a hotel.

Only about 85 left to go.

I’ve had some people asking how I’m going to cook while living in a hotel.  Great question, my friends!  I’ve been wondering the same thing myself!

The bad news is, I don’t have a stove.

The good news is, I do have a refrigerator …

… two burners, and a microwave.

I also have my trusty slow cooker, so be prepared for many many slow cooker recipes in the upcoming months!

While we’re living in the hotel, we’re really wanting to try to save as much money as possible (because in case you didn’t know, buying a house costs a lot of money ).  Fortunately, the hotel has free breakfast every day (and coffee! ) and free dinners Monday through Thursday.

So the plan is to supplement the hotel’s free food with minimal groceries.

For example [...]

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