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What I ate for Thanksgiving: Our Family’s Noodle Recipe

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Before I start today’s post, can I just say … seriously?

It’s going to be a lonnngg winter, ladies and gentleman.

Normally on Wednesdays for Jenn’s “WIAW party,” I share what I’ve eaten the previous day.  But guess what?  Tuesday’s eats were pretty darn boring, since this girl hadn’t gotten to the grocery store.  Let’s just say that copious amounts of peanut butter and jelly were consumed.

So today, I thought I’d finally share my family’s recipe for “Thanksgiving noodles,” since I’ve been talking about it for weeks now!

Of course, they’re not really just “Thanksgiving noodles,” since we typically make them for Christmas, Easter, and Arbor Day, as well (OK, I’m fibbing on that last one.).

I ate a lot of delicious things this Thanksgiving …

(Click here for the pumpkin cake recipe)

… but my favorite dish, [...]

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