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Sunday Funday!

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Today was a super fun day.

We had the opportunity to visit some friends who were from my church in Florida, but now live in Dayton!

Chad and Candace are an amazing couple.  Chad was a pastor at my church in Florida, but in December, he accepted a Senior Pastor position at a church in the Dayton, Ohio area.

visiting their church

We haven’t had an opportunity to get together since their move, but today that finally changed!  Our SIL, Christi, was the one who finally got the ball rolling on this visit (she also attended the church in Florida, and was friends with Candace).  Thank you, Christi, for being the organized one!

It was a neat day to visit, because the church was doing their “Vacation Bible School” performance.  This year’s theme was “Big Apple Adventure,” and they had awesome props and scenery to go with the “New York” theme.

The kids put on an adorable performance.

Hadley, Chad and Candace’s little girl, is 3rd from the left in the white shorts.  I may [...]

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