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Brandon and Kristen… the early years.

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In the beginning, God created…

Oops, guess we don’t have to go quite that far back.   In all seriousness, Brandon and I haven’t even been together that long, so that title has just a hint boatload of saracasm associated with it.

The #1 question Brandon and I get asked all of the time is, “How did you meet?”, since he was living in Ohio and I was down in Florida at the time.  So I thought I might save some time and answer that question for the masses (or two people who read this blog… whatever).

us when we were still dating

Brandon’s brother and his family live down in Florida and I attended the same church as they did.

Matt, Christi, and their daughters Mia and Mary-Allison

In May of 2009, Brandon flew down from Ohio to visit Matt and the gang.  During that visit, he was introduced to Carrie, the church’s preschool director.  After Brandon flew back to Ohio, [...]

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